Radiology Staff


David B. Hinshaw, Jr., MD, FACR -- Chairman and Service Chief, Radiology

J. Paul Jacobson -- Vice Chairman, Radiology

Judy Chatigny RN, MSN -- Assistant Vice President Adult Hospital

Aimee Gallegos, RT -- Director, Radiology

Tara McFann -- Director, Radiology

Aaron Burgueno -- Manager, Diagnostic Radiology, Medical Center

Gary Clark -- Manager of East Campus

Don Hill -- Manager, Computed Tomography, Medical Center, Professional Plaza, East Campus and Surgical Hospital

Zoltan Keri -- Manager, Radiation Engineering

Crystal Mamoulelis -- Manager, Ultrasound, Medical Center, Children's Hospital, CH Maternal Fetal Monitoring, FMO, East Campus, Surgical Hospital and Women's Imaging Center

Tina Prewitt -- Supervisor, MRI, Medical Center

Karen Strum -- Manager, Angio-Vascular/Interventional, Medical Center and Surgical Hospital

Amy Walker -- Manager, FMO & Women's Imaging Center

Bryan Gonzales -- Supervisor, PACS/Imaging Informatics

Angio / Interventional Radiology

Malit, Andrew -- Physician's Assistant

Nicole Vargas -- Secretary/Scheduler/Patient Navigator

Children's Hospital Radiology

Aimee Gallegos -- Director

Molly Shelton -- Supervisor

Tiffany Martinez -- Administrative Assistant (to Director)

Interventional Neuroradiology

Tina Escano -- Administrative Secretary, Neuroradiology Scheduler

Karen Strum -- IR/INR Manager

Dulce Marquez -- Administrative Secretary, Neuroradiology Scheduler

Georgy Liljedahl, RN -- Interventional Neuroradiology Coordinator


Jennifer Asplin -- Supervisor

Melony Gutierrez -- Supervisor

Crystal Mamoulelis -- Manager


Franklin Stark -- MRI Manager

Tina Prewitt -- MRI Supervisor


Matt Slavin -- Supervisor

Don Hill -- CT Manager

Nuclear Medicine

Kristofer Malit -- Nuclear Medicine Supervisor

Radiology Administration

Brenda Bartnik-Olson, PhD -- Physicist

Samuel Barnes, PhD -- Physicist

Steve Brown -- Applications Analyst

Angela Butler -- Coordinator-Fellowship/Residency

Norma Cross -- Radiology Clinical Support Supervisor

Don Farley, MS -- Physicist

Adriana Acosta -- Administrative Assistant (to Director)

Umesh Gangadharmath, PhD -- RadioChemist

Barbara Holshouser, PhD -- Physicist

Tiffany Martinez -- CH Administrative Assistant (to Director)

Marcy O'Neill -- Quality Analyst

Carole Galera -- Administrative Assistant (to Chairman)

Radiology Clinical Support Staff

Katie Brockie -- Clinical Support Representative

William Domingo -- Clinical Support Representative

Karen Dunlop -- Clinical support Representative

Tamara Gayle -- Clinical Support Representative

Richard Gray -- Clinical Support Representative

Mayra Guerrero -- Clinical Support Representative

Clearthur "Oscar" Lawshea -- Clinical Support Representative

Bertilina Menciano -- Clinical Support Representative

Gloria Murguia -- Clinical Support Representative

Desiree Perez -- Clinical Support Representative

Charlton "Alan" Seeley -- Clinical Support Representative

Patricia Snowball -- Clinical Support Representative

Marco Lopez Valderama -- Clinical support Representative


Zoltan Keri --Manager, Radiation Engineering

Al Cotton -- Biomed Equipment Tech

Michael Gross -- Electrical Engineer


Mike Haman -- Director Imaging Informatics

Bryan Gonzales -- PACS/ Rad Supervisor

Andrea Lara -- PACS Administrator

Ashley Peter -- PACS Administrator

Kayla Caulley -- PACS Administrator

Win Achariya -- PACS Administrator

Westy Palitang -- PACS Administrator

Marilyn Pedersen -- Radiology Informatics QA/ QIs

Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology

Vickie Cao -- Supervisor

Christie Lopez -- Supervisor - Diagnostic

Women's Imaging Center and FMO Radiology

Amy Walker -- Manager

East Campus Radiology

Gary Clark -- Radiology Manager

Surgical Hospital

Henry Cardozo -- Radiology Supervisor