MS3 Radiology Course

Course Director: Sheri Harder, MD, FRCPC (


This 2 week elective is designed for third year students interested in a general exposure to radiology. The medical student will explore multiple radiology subspecialties during the elective. The majority of the student's time will be spent in the clinical care environment with supplemental lectures and self-instructional modules. Thank you for your interest in participating in a radiology elective here at LLU!


For MS3 students to grow their understanding of principles and applications of medical imaging through case-based online radiology education integration within their required clinical clerkships. Complete the 19 Cases during the clinical rotations.

Learning Objectives:

A. Understanding and describing imaging algorithms (using ACR Appropriateness Criteria ®)

B. Understanding imaging terminology, technology, and methodology

C. Awareness of the risks of imaging

D. Describing anatomical-radiological and clinical correlation

E. Development of image interpretation skills

F. Understanding use and methods of image-guided interventional procedures

Lecture Session (mandatory attendance):

Introduction to Integrated Radiology Course – Junior Orientation. 1 hour

Resources and References:

Herring, William. Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics. 3rd edition. Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders. 2015. Print.

Aquifer Radiology Modules:


Honors 19/19 cases completed

Pass 18/19 cases completed

Marginal Pass 15/19 cases completed

Fail 14 or less cases completed