MS3 Radiology Course

Course Director: Sheri Harder, MD, FRCPC (


For MS3 students to grow their understanding of principles and applications of medical imaging through case-based online radiology education integration within their required clinical clerkships. Complete the 19 Cases during the clinical rotations.

Learning Objectives:

A. Understanding and describing imaging algorithms (using ACR Appropriateness Criteria ®)

B. Understanding imaging terminology, technology, and methodology

C. Awareness of the risks of imaging

D. Describing anatomical-radiological and clinical correlation

E. Development of image interpretation skills

F. Understanding use and methods of image-guided interventional procedures

Lecture Session (mandatory attendance):

Introduction to Integrated Radiology Course – Junior Orientation. 1 hour

Resources and References:

Herring, William. Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics. 3rd edition. Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders. 2015. Print.

Aquifer Radiology Modules:


Honors 19/19 cases completed

Pass 18/19 cases completed

Marginal Pass 15/19 cases completed

Fail 14 or less cases completed